Monday, March 19, 2012

Koi Pond Construction

The video playlist covers all 10 parts; therefore, please sit back and enjoy.

This series of 10 videos shows the entire pond construction process for a concrete Japanese theme koi pond - preparing the site/excavation, rebar & plumbing, pre-work for shotcrete & skimmer installation, shotcrete, faux/artificial boulders & waterfall using rebar/lath - free-form structures, scratch coat, texture coat/waterproofing, waterfall & boulder painting, installation of advantage filter by Sacramento koi, pond lights; electrical work, landscaping/stepping stones

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Avoid ground water from entering our koi pond

When designing your koi pond you must consider avoiding placing your pond in a low area that will allow ground water from entering it.

The koi pond edge should always be higher than the surrounding terrain. For instance, run off from rain or sprinklers that have made contact with chemicals, fertilizers...etc. is a death sentence for your koi and aquatic life.

Water volume calculator for koi pond